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Board Meeting The next Watters Crossing meeting of Board Officers is Monday, January 15th, 2018 at the Clubhouse at 7:00 PM. Homeowners are welcome to attend any meeting. We ask that if you wish to attend, you please email secretary@watterscrossing.com accordingly.
ACC Meeting The next meeting of the Architectural Control Committee will be onTuesday, January 30th, 2018 at the Watters Crossing Clubhouse at 7:00 PM. Visit the Architectural Control Page for details and view the procedure for submitting requests.

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Signs Within Our Neighborhood

Political Signs
With a primary election scheduled for March 6, 2018, political signs are popping up in Watters Crossing. Size and types of signs permitted are outlined in the Texas Property Code. These cannot be installed more than 90 days prior to the election date and must be removed within ten days of the election date.

Realtor Signs
A home is permitted one (1) For Sale sign no larger than five square feet. Realtor guidance on signing is shown in the Realtor link at www.watterscrossing.com Realtor signs and open house signs installed in the entrance monuments will be removed.

Yard Sale Signs
Signs for yard sales, yards, sales, etc. are never permitted within Watters Crossing. We urge homeowners to participate in one or more of the two annual Community Wide Yard Sales which your HOA schedules each year. In 2018, these sales are Saturday, May 5 and Saturday, September 22. All yard sale signs installed at other times will be removed.

Contractor Signs
Signs for all contractors, trades, etc, are never permitted within Watters Crossing and will be removed.

Tree Trimming

We urge all residents to ensure that any contractor they are hiring for tree trimming is reputable and knowledgeable in their trade. We continue to see trees that have been trimmed in a less than professional manner. Professionals:

  • Will not leave stubs and stumps on a tree
  • Will not “top” a tree
  • Will not leave all limbs and debris for you to remove from the property

Be wary of anyone stopping at your door who “happens to be in the neighborhood” and will trim your trees for a reduced rate. Be especially concerned if a contractor’s intent is to leave limbs in your alley. The City will generally not remove these unless they are cut to specific sizes and bundled.

We also remind all homeowners that all trees within Watters Crossing are improvements to the property, and the neighborhood in general. Indeed, realtors continue to tell us that potential homebuyers always comment on the tree canopy within Watters Crossing and how desirable it is. Any proposed tree removal is to be submitted for review by the Architectural Control Committee for compliance with the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. There are a number of areas within our neighborhood with specific requirements concerning trees, hence the necessary review

Thanks to Holiday Social 2017 Volunteers and Sponsor

The Watters Crossing annual Holiday Social in early December was a big success. New in 2017 were the giant snow globe and the s’mores station. Both turned into big hits. After a great showing at the 2017 Spring Party, The Hot Potato Food Truck returned on December 1. A professional photographer provided finished photos for those seeing Santa. Look for those pics in the Gallery at the top of this website.

We want to thank all the volunteers here for helping to make Watters Crossing a fun place to live.

Steven Kerrigan Mary Kuykendall Jeremy Paul
Joyce Paul Don Hill Marie Hill
Gary Patterson Laura Patterson Amy Lee
Jon Lee Vincent Ho Connor Mackey
Tuan Bui Jeff Fortune Pete March
Doug Goclano Christina Mackey Trent Armstrong
Katie Armstrong Leroy Foster Tim Vanderburg
Michelle Vanderburg Larry Ciske Justin Wallraven
Gladice Wallraven Evan Paul Nhi Nha Bui
Beatrice Meade Ramon Meade Michelle Massi
Mike Shisko Kim Carpenter Steve McDermott
Laura McDermott Vernonica Luna Casey Luna
Ethan Mackey Rebecca Herbig Donna Corley
Mandy Markee

Special thanks go to:

  • Scott Welch for providing the holiday music.
  • Nine Band Brewing for providing adult beverages for the evening.
  • Pete March and Doug Goclano for picking up the kegs and ice.

Remember that Watters Crossing is a completely self-managed HOA. There is no management firm involved in your HOA. Volunteers are always needed and if you wish to volunteer for any social event of committee, please contact any Officer or the ACC Chair who are listed elsewhere in this website.

Finally, we want to thank our sponsor, Aaron Benzene of Plano Tree Care for sponsoring our event. Their generous donation funded many of the activities at the Social. Thanks for your continued support of our community!

Mulch Sales and Delivery Provides Funds for Scouts

It is that time of year again, and the High Adventure scouts from Troop 1299 are selling mulch to support the 2018 trip to Philmont Scout Ranch. With earnings from previous fundraisers, crews had a fantastic time at the 2017 trip to Florida National High Adventure Sea Base with scouts learning how to manage a boat and catch/clean/cook many different types of fish.

Scouts will sell and deliver three different kinds of packaged in 2 cubic foot bags. Proceeds from these sales go directly to scout accounts and are used to pay for High Adventure trip costs. Mulch deliveries will be Saturday, March 3, 2018. Click HERE for the 2018 fundraising form.

For further information, and where to email your completed form, please email:
Jason Dlugosch

Watters Crossing Holiday Lights Contest 2017 Winners

The Holiday spirit was certainly visible in Watters Crossing. The Board was out and judged lights Sunday night, December 17. We are happy to announce the winners.

The winners are:


Randy Jackson and James Alfred

1136 Hampton Drive (repeat winner from 2016)


Mier and Angela Brown

1204 Irvine Drive (repeat winner from 2016)


Don and Marie Hill

1208 Bel Air Drive

While pictures do not replace actually seeing these on the street, pictures of the winners are posted HERE.

Each of the first three winners receives a $25 Lowe’s Gift Card. Thanks to everyone for their efforts in making the holiday bright.

Watters Crossing Home Owners Association Board of Officers

Your Neighborhood Needs Your Help!

Watters Crossing is in immediate need of two volunteers to fill an important committee.

Architectural Control Committee Member

Members of the Architectral Control Committee (ACC) meet once per month, the last Tuesday. However, most work is completed via email. Members also have particular areas of the neighborhood for which they are responsible. While all Watters Crossing is volunteer, prospective members of the ACC are interviewed by the HOA Board as this is an appointed position. If you want to help your neighborhood and are interested in this posiiton, please direct questions to acc@watterscrossing.com

Save Those Poolcards!

The Watters Crossing pools are now closed for the season. This is a reminder to retain your pool card for use in 2018. New pool cards will NOT be issued next year. A replacement card cost $25. Note that only one pool card is issued per address in Watters Crossing.

Is Your Sidewalk in Need of Repairs?

The ACC has received inquiries concerning sidewalk repairs. Sidewalk repair is generally a shared opportunity between the individual homeowner and the City of Allen:

  • The sidewalk in front (or on the side) of your house parallel to the street is the responsibility of the homeowner with the City of Allen shairing the repair. Repair is shared 50 / 50.
  • The sidewalk from the above sidewalk to your front door is the homeowner’s responsibility. Repair is 100% homeowner.

The Sidewalk Repair Program is outlined at www.cityofallen.org We urge all homeowners who may have tripping hazards in front of their homes to pursue the Sidewalk Repair Program with the City.
Sidewalk Need Repair Sidewalk Need Repair Sidewalk Need Repair
Satellite Dish Installations Requiring ACC Review

Satellite dishes are popping up in Watters Crossing, many having not been reviewed and currently in violation of the Covenants. If you have a recently installed dish or a dish installed on a side roof, please read further information Click Here

Drivers on Bel Air Drive:Slow Down!

The WCHOA continues to receive complaints of speeding on Bel Air Drive. In some instances, specific cars and addresses have been indentified. We urge any homeowner who witnesses a speeding incident, running a stop sign, etc to call the City of Allen Police non-emergency number, 214-509-4321

The HOA has communicated on several occasions with the City regarding this issue. Most recently, the mobile speed limit sign was located at the southern end of Bel Air Drive. Also in that area, a survey was conducted of the speeds of all vehicles.

We would remind all that Bel Air Drive is not a highway, but a residential street with a 30 MPH speed limit. Traveling the length of Bel Air Drive will take you thru two stop signs, one traffic signal, one city park, two private parks, two school zones and the Clubhouse. Along most of the length of Bel Air Drive is the hike and bike trail used by pedestrians, many with dogs and / or children, and bikers.

We have a great neighborhood. Let’s remember all the others that are using Bel Air Drive, many on foot, and slow down. Bel Air Drive is a residential street, not a highway.

Tool Time Volunteers Needed

The lead for Tool Time was recently taken over by Steven Kerrigan. Steven replaces Don Hill who has been a volunteer for Watters Crossing for years, most recently as Tool Time Leader. A BIG THANKS to Don for all his help in the past and for continueing to volunteer. Steven is looking for a few volunteers for his Tool Time Team. Volunteers are needed for minor repairs and projects throughout Watters Crossing. If you can donate a few hours here and there, please email Steven at tooltime@watterscrossing.com

Volunteers at Work
Volunteers at Work

Tooltime recently installed three new bike racks in Watters Crossing. Tooltime Lead Steven Kerrigan is a shown at work with Tooltime Volunteer David Tanner. A fourth rack will be added shortly. At that time, grass will be removed in these areas and a decomposed granite base installed.

Volunteers at Work Volunteers at Work Volunteers at Work
Neighbors United Against Widening of Alma Drive

Representing Watters Crossing in the Neighbors United drive is Steve Jones. Further information on this campaign can be viewed HERE. Further questions can be directed to neighborsunitedinfo@watterscrossing.com

Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, March 31
Easter Sunday Sunday, April 1
Volunteer Appreciation Night Friday, April 6th
Pools Open Tuesday, May 1
Spring Yard Sale Saturday, May 5
Semi-Annual Homeowner's Meeting Sunday, May 6
Spring Party Saturday, May 12
Mothers Day Sunday, May 13
Fathers' Day Sunday, June 17
SPLASH! 2018 Saturday, August 11
Fall Yard Sale Saturday, September 22
Pools Close Sunday, October 1
Halloween Party Sunday, October 28
Semi-Annual Homeowner's Meeting Sunday, November 4
Holiday Social Friday, November 30
Judging for Holiday Lights Award Week of December 16
  • WCHOA Board Meets 3rd Monday of every month.
  • ACC meets last Tuesday of every month.
  • WCHOA Playgroup meets every Friday.

Local Weather

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Members Only Information

Get WCHOA Email !

WCHOA broadcasts, via E-mail, newsletters, important bulletins, events, and developments that may affect our community. This is the fastest way to disseminate information throughout our neighborhood.

Any information you provide remains confidential and undistributed.
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Upcoming Events

  • Kid’s Halloween Party October 29th
  • Semiannual Homeowners Meeting November 5th
  • Holiday Social, December 1st
  • WCHOA Crime Watch


    To report suspicious, non-life threatening activity, please phone the City of Allen Non-Emergency number at 214-509-4321

    Also, please visit the link below for further information:
    City of Allen Police Community Relations

    To ask a question concerning recent illegal activity within Watters Crossing, or to inquire regarding any rumors which you may have heard, please email crimewatch@watterscrossing.com. Your letter will go to the Watters Crossing Crime Watch Leader, who, in consultation with the City of Allen Police, will determine if the community should be alerted via the Watters Crossing web site and Watters Crossing email.

    Crime Watch Tips

    • Make sure doors and windows are locked.
    • Make sure shades or window covers are closed when leaving the house.
    • Make sure alarm systems are set, operating properly and monitored.
    • Close garage door when you are out of the garage.
    • Make sure vehicles are locked when vacant
    • Do not leave valuables of any type in vehicles
    Know your neighbor and look out for each other in a helpful way.

    Report a Streetlight Problem

    Streetlights in Watters Crossing are not maintained by your Homeowners Association. They belong to, and are maintained, by Oncor Electric. Problems, including lamps not working, can be reported online at

    www.oncor.com Phone calls can also be placed to.


    WCHOA Volunteers

    ACC Members

    Tool Time Volunteers

    Please visit the Volunteer Page for more details about these positions.

    Welcoming Committee

    New homeowners receive welcome packets from our Welcoming Committee. Information can be obtained at welcoming@watterscrossing.com

    Tennis Court Access

    The code for the tennis court gate is located in the Members Only portion of the website

    Did You Know?

    Trash and Recycle Polycarts must be removed the night of trash pick-up day to an area not visible to any street. Additional information is HERE.

    Questions or Problems?

    Information for questions or problems for Watters Crossing Residents Click Here

    Save Your Pool Cards

    Please remember to retain your Pool Access Cards  for future use..  Pool cards will NOT be reissued.  The cost of a replacement card is $25 and is limited to one card per address.  For replacement cards, please email: poolaccess@watterscrossing.com

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